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  • CGL - In House authority $1,000,000/$2,000,000
  • Property & Inland Marine – many facilities available, with very high capacity
  • Higher limits available via Brokerage - Primary, Excess or Umbrella
  • Enhancements available: Sudden/Accidental Pollution, Underground Resources, Underground Equipment (available up to $1,000,000 limit); CG2037; Primary/Noncontributory Blanket AI & Blanket WOS

Popular “Upstream” Classes Written:

  • Drilling Contractors
  • Land Men
  • Lease Operators
  • Non-Operators
  • Roustabout/Lease Work/Dirt Work Contractors
  • Oil/Gas Trucking
  • Subcontracted work
  • Rental of Oil/Gas Related Equipment to Others (with or without Operator)
  • Rigs Erection/Dismantling Contractors
  • Pipelines – Construction and Operation
  • Seismic Contractors
  • Well Servicing Contractors
  • Workover Contractors
  • Coil Tubing Contractors
  • Cleaning/Swabbing Contractors
  • Instrument Logging/Surveying Contractors
  • Pumper/Gaugers
  • Welders (State exclusive program allowing for limited over-the-hole) this is also available for rating in our web-rater
  • Physical Damage: Surface Production Equipment/Lease Property; Servicing & Drilling Rigs; and various Contractors Equipment

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